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Puntasal Boat TripThe company began its operations at the moment of the creation of the December 5, 1992 in Tegucigalpa MDC. Mr. Oscar Perez Carranza withdrew our company to form his own company. There’s the proof of his retirement in the reform of the public deed dated August 7, 2003 and at the time continues the operation the new shareholders of the company investing in new equipment, vehicles and capitalizing the company to give booming tourism in the regions of La Ceiba and La Moskitia.

Garifuna Culture in TornabéLa Moskitia Ecoaventuras, S. de R.L.., is a company implicated with heart to promote and develop Honduran National Tourism, offering Recreation services in the open air to national and foreign tourists in our protected wild areas and some other singular attractions all over the national territory. The services that actually the company offers represent a great support to the strategies and programs created by the Honduran Institute of Tourism, because it offers to the TOURISTS that visit our country, attractive packages of activities strictly of ECOTOURISTIC nature, stimulating by this way the growing discovering of new zones to appreciate the wild life and fauna of our beautiful country.

La Ceiba, Old peerThe company’s principal headquarters offices is located strategically in the core of the touristic zone of the coastal beautiful city of La Ceiba, Atlántida, Honduras, location that allows easily access to wild areas of attraction for national and foreign tourists like for example the multiple Paths and Rapids in the Cangrejal River, all of them with a dramatic sight of the jungle and the dense forests that cover the amazing falls of the mountains that are around the Pico Bonito National Park, which is few minutes away the principal offices. Additionally, you can access to the wild life shelter of Cuero y Salado through launch or motorized canoe which the Tourist can appreciate the spot where several river basins flow and get together to the vast Atlantic Ocean. Finally, its strategic location in La Ceiba, allows the company to turn in the entrance door and access to the beautiful coast of La Mosquitia through the Plátano River on motorized boat, which is the only way to access to this remote area classified as the nature reserve area with the highest level of natural conservation in Central America.




The company, besides the environmental recreation services for tourist, also offers services for the International Organizations, which they program Expeditions with scientific purposes and for the international corporations that require logistic services for the filming of video-documentary and picture shots to convert it in news to be spread through the international media worldwide as the National Geographic magazine and the prestigious channel of television by cablevision, Discovery Channel.




La Moskitia Ecoaventuras La Ceiba, Honduras
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